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Introducing the Cruiser 2

One-piece spiked closing wheel NEW from Copperhead Ag
Furrow Cruiser 2

Single Bearing Gauge Wheel Arm

Sealed bearing, no greasing required.

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Copperhead Concave System

One concave, all crops. Unbeatable efficiency.

Copperhead Concaves

Copperhead Agricultural Products – Revolutionary Planting and Harvesting Technology

Copperhead Ag is Committed to Providing American Farmers With:

  • High quality, innovative products designed to deliver profitability and value to the great American farmer, like the Furrow Cruiser and Copperhead Concave System.
  • Fantastic customer service, complete with ongoing product support.
  • American manufacturing: all of our products are manufactured in The USA, in partnership with local American companies.

Everything we do is about providing innovative solutions to American farmers: increasing yields, creating consistent results and providing opportunities for real growth. We look forward to equipping you with the tools you need to excel, and welcome any inquiries you may have.

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Furrow Cruiser II

BRAND NEW FOR 2024!  THE FURROW CRUISER 2! (Cruiser 2 for CIH 500T is One Wheel + Conversion Hardware) FEATURES › One-piece wheel › Built in depth control › Use with multiple crops › Rows of two › Pressed in bearing   BENEFITS › Ensure seed to soil contact › Work in virtually all soil and tillage conditions › Prevents furrows from re-opening › Allows young roots to penetrate the sidewalls › Provides simultaneous firming and crumbling on both sides of the seed trench › Eliminate air pockets ›Improve emergence › Cleans out well, ensuring that the planter can continue to run even in over saturated...

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Copperhead Ag

Furrow Cruiser

The Copperhead Furrow Cruiser® finally solved the SIDEWALL COMPACTION problem that came with the development of the double disk opening system on modern planters. The "V" created by the opening...

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Planting Essential

Copperhead Ag

Cruiser Xtreme

The Furrow Cruiser Xtreme is a cast spiked closing wheel that is made for the toughest of conditions and high speed planting.  The wheel has 14 angular teeth that will...

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Harvest Essential

Copperhead Ag

Concave (Case IH)

  Harvest ALL crops with one set of concaves! With Copperhead Concaves, you'll have more money in your...

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Harvest Essential

Copperhead Ag

Concave (John Deere)

  Harvest ALL crops with one set of concaves! With Copperhead Concaves, you'll have more money in your...

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About Copperhead Ag

Founded by Dave Terveen and Kevin Berg in 2008, Copperhead Agricultural Products was born from the idea of solving common farming challenges with new approaches. Our patented Furrow Cruiser and Drill Cruiser planter closing wheels provide farmers with greater control, greater success, and greater yields.

Following the success of our patented planter closing wheels, we expanded our range to offer high quality brackets for updating Case IH closing systems, planter arm conversion kits, and the Cruiser Xtreme, a cast iron version of our Furrow Cruiser planter closing wheel with unbeatable durability.

In August of 2018 we were able to license the patent for an aftermarket concave from the inventor Donnie Estes.  We began manufacturing and marketing the Copperhead Concave systems, offering unbeatable durability, versatility and performance to the American farmer.

Just a short while later, in December of 2018, longtime inventor Phil Kester of RK Products decided to retire and asked that we carry on his brand and patents.  We were humbled, as Phil is truly a one-of-a-kind person and quickly accepted with the purchase of his company.  We moved the inventory from his place in East Moline, IL to our manufacturing facility in Humboldt, SD and got to work learning how to supply a whole new product line to farmers.

We are constantly on the lookout for honest-to-goodness farmer inventions that help farmers make their lives easier, more profitable, or both!!  If you have a great idea or know of someone who does, give our sales manager, Jake Jass, a call and tell him about it!

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