The Copperhead Concave System

Copperhead | 09 Nov 2020

Is The Copperhead Concave System The “fix-all” Super Concave of The Future, and What Makes it Work?

The Copperhead Concave System is a multifaceted, high performance combine concave. This game-changing Concave System is brought to you by the same people who brought you the revolutionary Furrow Cruiser™ closing wheels.

Anyone who has worked with Copperhead team can attest to our product support and knowledge. The Copperhead Concave System has four unique features that work together to improve overall performance of your John Deere or Case IH rotor combine:

  • A patented 90° notch in the round bar.
  • Progressive bar spacing.
  • Crop disruptors.
  • Adjustable cover plates.

All of these work together to create an incredible high-performance multi-crop system.

The Patented 90° notch

The critical importance of 90° notch is easy to grasp when you understand what concaves are supposed to do – THRESH GRAIN. A large wire concave threshes more effectively than a round bar, but a round bar unloads better than a large wire can.  Choosing between a wire or round bar concave always means sacrificing something.

With the Copperhead Concave System’s 90° notched round bar, we have captured the ability to do both. It threshes effectively like a large wire concave, and unloads efficiently like a round bar concave. grain quality is dramatically improved because threshing so effectively means we’re able to slow the rotor speed. Slower rotor speed means less grain damage, less fuel consumption, less maintenance and greater efficiency.

Progressive Opening

The spaces between the 90° notched round bars open progressively. What this means is the space between bar one and two is the smallest, the space between two and three is a little bigger, and so on until the spacing between the last two bars (19-20) is the largest.

When harvesting high-yielding larger grain crops, operators’ speed is often limited by the concaves unloading most of the grain on the front right section of the sieves.  The Copperhead Concave System overcomes this by spreading the grain more evenly over the sieves. This allows the operator to use their combine more efficiently, thus increasing the ground speed of the combine.  Just as we use the notched bars to slow the rotor down, we can use the progressive spacing to speed the harvester up. The machine is  able to harvest more acres with the same or lower fuel consumption than before.


The Copperhead Concave System was designed from back to front, starting with the disruptors. These were designed to  prevent grain getting carried out the back of the combine in the crop mat. Our disruptors are bolt-in lugs located in the separator grates that can be adjusted to the variance in rotor placement.  The primary job of the disruptors, true to their name, is to ‘disrupt’ or stir the crop mat to loosen and free any remaining grain that may be stuck between stocks, stems, leaves or pods.

Adjustable Cover Plates

How do all of these things come together to create the ultimate multi-crop universal concave? Cover plates.

We established how the Copperhead Concave System threshes effectively by using the 90° notch, and spreads grain over its sieves more evenly. The system also comes with three adjustable cover plates. These are secured by locking around the top notched bar and a turnbuckle on the bottom for easy installation.
Each cover plate is adjustable from 50% to 100% closed depending on crop conditions. The cover plates hold the mat up to allow additional threshing time and more grain on grain contact.

Durability & Guarantee

We at Copperhead know that the concave system is a great system; but, we also know it’s a major investment. The concave system is built to be innovative and give the highest performance, but it’s also built it to last.
The Copperhead Concave System has hard surfacing on each of the 90° notched bars to last 3-5000 separating hours. The round bar used in the Copperhead Concave System is a 1 inch bar. Traditional round bar concaves only 5/8″ thickness. The caging is ‘overbuilt’ in the same way. Copperhead stand by everything we sell, and the concave system is no exception. This product comes with a 100% GUARANTEE – Like it, or return it. That’s how confident we are that our concave system is the best there is!


Copperhead Concave System was designed by people who looked at current options and knew there was a better way to thresh grain. With the benefit of a 90 degree threshing edge, a progressive opening, and hard surfacing on heavy built bars, you will see a huge increase in the performance of your machine. To learn more about our Concave System, call one of our sales team at 855-876-7440 or pull up our Dealer Locator to find a trusted Copperhead Ag partner near to you. We guarantee you will be happy with your results!

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