Tired of repeating yourself?

Chris Werner | 06 Jul 2017

Over the years, the sales team at Copperhead Ag has had the same conversation repeatedly, with farmers across the nation. The ingenuity and individualism of the American farmer causes them constantly to look for new and better ideas that reduce their work load, or make them more efficient. Farmers are looking for the best press wheel technology, but were having to buy multiple products and test them on their own farms to find the best solution s.To save farmers time and money, Copperhead Ag has partnered with companies to perform closing wheel studies in several states, to bring research to the consumer about closing wheels and their effects.

Many previous closing wheel tests targeted wet, tough conditions in tight, challenging soils. We also thought that it was important to test in these conditions, as this is where big yield gains can be made. If a farmer must plant when conditions are not ideal, our product – The Furrow Cruiser – needs to perform better than other options on the market, particularly the stock options that come from the factory on planters. So, we had research done in challenging conditions.

But, most planting in America occurs during ideal planting conditions. A planter should not be set up to perform its best in the wet, challenging conditions, and leave the good planting days to chance. A closing wheel must perform consistently better than other options on the best planting day, as well as the worst.

When we decided to test press wheels on good days, we were just hoping to prove that our wheels were as good as the stock options.The industry standard had to be the best option when conditions were good, right? We were amazed when our wheels improved a good planting day by 4%! An 8 bushel per acre increase. The second year of research was consistent with that finding, showing an 11 bushel per acre increase. We also had similar gains over what we consider to be “the competition” in the market.

With findings like these, it is only a matter of time until every planter in the country is running The Furrow Cruiser. The fact is, after many tests, that a spiked closing wheel must be a part of a competent planting system. The stock options available on most planters are simply obsolete.  Please take a few minutes to look through the information gathered, to learn not just about yield, but ease of operation and great customer service that comes standard with every set of Furrow Cruiser® spiked closing wheels.